Maintenance & Repair

General Maintenance and repairs can refresh your home's overall look and feel.  

If you believe your home may require repairs or maintenance, but you are not sure where to start, Quinones Design/Build can provide a diagnosis of the problems (or potential problems) and make specific recommendations for resolution. We can also provide maintenance services that put you in a strong position to avoid problems down the road and save you time and dollars in the long run.

At Quinones Design/Build we hand select our tradesmen, constantly monitor the quality of the repair job, and maintain a hands-on approach in order to help our customers ensure their vision for all levels of repairs and maintenance.



Often, all your home needs are some general repairs in order to refresh the overall look and feel. These can include:

  • Plaster repairs (interior and exterior)
  • Durable elastomeric wall coatings
  • Tile repairs, cleaning or replacement
  • Door and window repairs or replacement
  • Cabinet repairs or replacement
  • Kitchen and/or bath plumbing fixture repairs or replacement 



Some structures of your home will require regular maintenance in order to function properly.  Quinones Design/Build will ease you through these steps in order to make them as painless as possible and keep your home running smoothly, come rain or shine!  Maintenance services as follows:

  • Roof tear off and replace
  • Concrete and stucco repairs
  • Foundation checks and structural maintenance
  • Upgrading heating and/or cooling in order to provide more cost effective comfort
  • Upgrades to make your home more energy efficient