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Roof Coating

Providing everything you need to protect your home from the elements.

Shielding your most important investment from the elements is just one of many reasons to consider a Quinones Design/Build installed solar reflective elastomeric roof coating system. Solar reflective roof coating systems provide home owners with a practical solution when dealing with roofing.

​More than ever before, homeowners are faced with tough decisions when it comes to home improvements balancing cost, value and the environment. When addressing flat roofing issues, homeowners should consider durability and sustainability when evaluating roofing system costs. The installation methods and materials surrounding traditional built up asphalt roofing have changed little in over a century. Advances in white solar reflective elastomeric roof coating over the past 15 years have resulted in a durable roofing system that addresses the need for energy-efficient solar reflectivity. When combined, these three benefits can provide homeowners value, protection and reduced energy costs.

roof coating wesatherproofing las cruces new mexico
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We design and build homes that comfortably accommodate everyone.

From young families with a live-in elderly parent, disabled individuals, aging persons, to families with adult children that have come back home, we design with your individual needs in mind– both now and in the future.

Universal Accessibility Services:

Reduced heat effect; decreasing cooling demands and pollutants
The ability to help reduce energy consumption and cost of roof top A/C units, due to lowering of rooftop and attic space temperature.
The ability to protect and prolong the roof system life cycle by reducing the "thermal shock" stress associated with large night/day temperature changes.
The ability to help eliminate costly roof tear-off, costly roof maintenance & excessive landfill waste.
5 year and 10 year limited warranty options.

Evaluating Roofing Solutions

When evaluating roofing solutions, the homeowner should take into consideration what the roofing system will deliver in terms of real and lasting value. In other words, the roofing system chosen should be durable and not have to be replaced again and again. This principal of durability and value provides relief for the environment as well as the pocketbook. When high quality white solar reflective elastomeric roof coating products are applied correctly, they provide a protective barrier that can stand up to some of the harshest elements and last for years with proper care. When maintained properly, the service life of a coated roof can last for many years. With the proper installation and maintenence all that is required to extend the life of a white solar roof coating is periodic cleaning and an additional coating application as per the manufacutre’s recommendations.

When compared to white elastomeric solar reflective roofing systems, the installation of built up asphalt roofs is an energy consuming process that results in a roof that has a relatively short service life of 8-10 years. It is estimated that 7% to 10% of landfills are comprised of roofing waste due to the fact that traditional built up asphalt roofing is not sustainable and requires frequent replacement. Asphalt roofing contributes to atmospheric air pollution in the form of both toxic and green-house gases produced during installation and “out-gassing” over the life of the roof. Because solar reflective roof coating systems only require additional coats to extend their life once the initial system is in place, they help reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills associated with traditional roofing tear-off.

Reflective roof coatings act like mirrors, reflecting the sun’s radiant energy back into space. When first applied, solar reflective roof coatings can provide a solar reflectance of up to 80%, which means that only 20% of the sun’s energy is being absorbed as heat. Conventional built up asphalt roofing typically reflect only about 25% of sunlight. This is because they are typically covered with a gray aggregate (mineral) with a rough texture and a black substrate which allows considerable heat absorption. The solar reflectivity of the white elastomeric roof coatings can reduce the surface temperatures 55-75 F when applied over flat built up asphalt roof surfaces. The roof surfaces temperature reduction associated with white elastomeric roof coatings equate to lower cooling costs to homeowners and promote the life of the roof. Pairing energy savings with durability make elastomeric solar reflective roofing systems an environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing solution.

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